Steady State Revolution is a blog inspired by great works of ecological economists (like Herman Daly, Joshua Farley, Brian Czech, to name a few), sustainable policy makers (Tim Jackson and Van Jones, for example), and daily life in a world with good people working harder and harder to keep up with the addiction of (un)economic growth that is prevalent in every facet of our society. It has become obvious that our current model doesn’t work anymore and I have been inspired to investigate our hope for a system that does work: the steady state economy.

The title for this blog is taken directly from Brian Czech’s great work Shoveling Fuel for a Runaway Train. This blog is intended to act as part educational, part activist, and part inspirational. I hope not only to further the public dialogue of the growth debate, but educate others on the topics related to a sustainable society. My intention is to post 1-2 times a week (until the growth system slows and I can work less) in mostly essay format. This will change with events, news, and some posts in journalistic form or spontaneously written action posts (when I get really revved up).

About The Author

Pay No Attention To The Man Behind The Curtain

My name is Joshua Nelson, I am a structural engineer by day, writer by night (and on the weekends). My partner and I live with our young son in Seattle, Washington. His future is in our hands and I intend to make this world better for him when I leave than when I came in – similar to the campsite rule. I am an avid mead maker and an avid cyclist thanks to my new Surly and daily bike commute.

I am a co-founder and contributor to Post Growth, a blog envisioning just what society looks like in a post growth world and how to get there. I have been a volunteer in the past and continue to support the Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy (CASSE).

I hold no degree in ecological economics, only a bachelor’s of science in civil engineering, a strong math background, and a feverish need to read and learn. These mix together well to help me grasp the nuts-and-bolts of this subject, but also (I hope) spell out the concepts for those without a degree in economics. This blog is an avenue for me not only to learn more about ecological economics and the steady state economy, but to spread the words to others.

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