The Sigma Of Growth

We need a social revolution to sweep the country (and the world): changing the business-as-usual economy into a stable, sustainable, human-oriented economy. A transition to a just, dynamic steady state economy will require movement of the people. This has me thinking that one thing we need is to create a stigma around pro-growth supporters: those that support continued economic growth in the face of ecological and social degradation.

In the seventies it was “the man.” The Man was keeping us down. The Man was taking our money. The Man was pushing his agenda of consumption, 40-hour work weeks and corporate profit. Today that stigma has been replaced with acceptance and encouragement! We need to bring back the Man, but we also need to create a similar stigma on the pro-growthers, the liquidators.

I propose “growther.” It sums it up pretty well. It should be used in disgust and disapproval, like “that’s the agenda of a growther trying to destroy your work-life balance” or “those growthers are driving our planet towards collapse” or “you ignorant growther!” I’m open to other ideas, too, so please chime in!

6 thoughts on “The Sigma Of Growth”

  1. The enormous success of our species can be attributed in large part by our ability to transform our environment to suit our needs and especially wants. But as it turns out, this ability is also one of our greatest perils. As populations expand, so too does economic advancement. And with this comes the need for greater resources, leading to earth-rape. Look at China, India and Brazil…Unfortunately, I fear that in the U.S. with our advancing “green revolution” we are merely exporting earth-rape to other nations. Resources must come from somewhere, perhaps not from our own backyard but theirs, whom we know not. And here’s the problem: it almost seems to be a win-win situation–we save our environment while we provide them with jobs and economic advancement. At this point I feel we have a long way to go to address this issue, but at least there are some vanguards on this topic who slowly, but sure enough stir the social revolution.

    1. Christopher,

      Thanks for the comment! You make a good point regarding our exportation of our resource extraction and environmental destruction. This is one of the reasons why the UK, for instance, has seen a decrease in their emissions – they just emit in other countries.


  2. I’ve been using the term Booster, or Growth Booster, but growther and growthist might also be good options.

    Or maybe Greedy, Self-Centered, Short-Sighted SOB? 😉

    Irrational Optimist? Just throwing things out in the spirit of brainstorming.

    1. Booster has an almost positive feel to it. I associate that term with the parents of high school sports teams…

      Irrational Optimist has a nice ring to it. Too bad Greedy, Self-Centered, Short-Sighted SOB isn’t a cool acronym. “You GSCSSSOB!!”


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