The Political Push for a Steady State

These few first days of the president’s term in office have many people thinking. I am wondering what is being done for a moral economy, one that focuses on more than just “bailing-out” a broken system? The economy is so much more than our jobs and our money. The affects of our economy are felt on everything…

People are starving in countries where you cannot grown corn (or wheat, or rice, et cetera) to compete with the world market. Why? Because our government (and other industrialized governments) subsidizes corn so much that it can be sold at below it’s actual cost of production. On top of that, aid to countries in need of food is often too little too late because of our highly inept aid policies, which are corrupted with profits for agribusiness and shipping companies and little actual aid.

Our health care is outstandingly inefficient. More and more middle-class citizens are relying on cheat “Health Savings Accounts,” or state-aid (if they can get it), or running up debts in the names of basic health care. Why? The same reason – government allowing and/or promoting it. The American policies allow for large health insurance companies to charge through the nose, while big pharmaceutical companies make profit off of unneeded medications.

The list goes on and on….

What is the common ground? Greed. How is greed, considered by most to be a sin, allowed to run ramped? Because we like it, we love it, we want some more of it! We vote for the people who place these policies into law. We buy useless shit because “it was on sale.” We blindly support a runaway, greed-centered economy.

Now, how do we delivery change?

First, be a steady-stater. Don’t to buy “stuff” (yes, a big TV is out of the question and a weekend at a spa uses resources better left for your grandchildren). Make intentional choices – live your life with intention in everything you do. This means being aware of the ramifications of your choices; like buying a smoothy in a cup that will take 500 years to degrade or choosing to just make one at home in a reusable glass cup.

Second, vote for change. Support people and policies you believe in – regardless of whether or not you think they have a chance of winning. Smaller parties and independents will never be elected if we continue to be part of the system – change happens at a local level. Get involved with your local government. Nobody worth voting for? Run for office!

Third, spread the word. Teach your friends, family, and co-workers the importance of our survival and how that hinges on our collective ability to change now to a steady state economy!

Lastly, read and get informed!

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