The New New Deal

When Franklin Roosevelt initiated the first “New Deal” he pushed through reforms in the banking laws. Today we are faced with one of the most dire financial crises since the depression. Why? Because our system is broken. Most of us know this, but many feel as though it is still the only or best option we have for an socioeconomic model.

A steady-state economy is a better model. It promotes local, sustainable communities. It promotes growth in the quality of life instead of the growth of our bank accounts. The two are no longer related. A steady-state economy is a better model. It is the only model we can hope for if we wish to maintain any of our current standards of living – by which I mean: general peace and security, food, jobs, and a health planet to live sustain food and jobs and natural resources for our children and grandchildren.

So, back to FDR. We now have elected another strong, change-oriented, rational thinking president (he seems so far, anyway). Obama has been often compared to FDR in both the circumstance in which he is entering office, as well as the hope and inspiration of the people that has been attached to him. So I challenge Obama to deliver the change we truly need!

Barack Obama – free us from our consumer-driven, irresponsible capitalism!!

Please, help reform our government to lead the world to a sustainable economical model. Now is the time! It is our last chance, our only chance for a free, just, and health world future. I want my son to grow up to have children and be proud of his father’s generation. I want him to be proud of what we have done to shape the planet back into one that will sustain humanity into the distant future.

Help tell President Obama that we need this for the future of our children, for the future of the human race! Here’s how you do it:

1. Go to this website:

2. Search for “steady state economy”

3. Support the following questions (or others that you agree with as well, of course):

  • “Continued economic growth will eventually lead towards environmental and natural degradation. How will the Obama administration ‘change’ the economic paradigm, so that both steady state economy and healthy ecosystems are sustained in the future?”
  • “Does the Obama team recognize that the prevailing, growth-centered economic system is unsustainable in view of the planet’s limited resources and overpopulation? Are they looking into steady state economics as an alternative?”
  • There are others as well, but I wanted to point out a couple that drive it home and already have many votes. The more votes, the more likely our voices are heard. Also, push this idea in your life: talk to your friends, get people talking, read about it and get informed, contact your local government and get involved on a local level, and above all else – be a steady-stater.