One Family’s Commitment to a Better Economy

This appeared in my inbox this morning, from CASSE Executive Director Rob Dietz. I’m the first official monthly donor to CASSE, and I suggest you think about doing the same thing – for the price of a couple lattes a month you can help support the fight for a sustainable, socially just economy. What a great way to honor the one-year birthday of my son (yesterday)!


How about an economy built for the little guy?

How can we build an economy that supports our children?  How about one that doesn’t undermine the earth’s natural systems?  CASSE is one of the only organizations in the world tackling these questions head-on and providing hopeful and truthful answers, a fact that Josh Nelson appreciates.

Josh (pictured with his family) just became our first monthly donor online.  He visited our website and arranged for his credit card to be billed $10 per month to help us promote a sustainable and fair economy.  The most touching part about Josh’s gift is that he designated it in honor of his young son, a wonderful tip-of-the-hat to our role in safeguarding the well-being of future generations.  If you want to see CASSE continue doing what we do, please follow Josh’s lead.  Visit our online donation page and give a recurring donation that feels right to you. We consider all recurring contributors to be official CASSE members.

Donate now and join CASSE’s David vs. Goliath struggle against the powerful array of pro-growth fanatics.  We need funding from citizens like you to keep this struggle alive.

Thank you,
Rob Dietz
Executive Director, CASSE

Do The Ends Justify the Means?

Growth is a tool, to be used to satisfy some need. What do we need it for now?

I recently had a conversation with Rob Dietz, Executive Director of the Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy (CASSE) that sparked some thoughts. A little background about me is needed first, though.

After growing up in small town suburbia and graduating from high school I went off to college. This is the standard model in America – “Go forth, get a degree, get a high paying job, become happy!” I was sold on the Dream that all I had to do was go to college, get a job and the world would be my ouster. All I had to do was work hard and be rewarded.

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New Parenthood Without Consumerism

Babies have simple needs

Any day now I will be changed in one of the most dramatic ways a person can be; changed by the birth of my first child. While we were at our midwife’s clinic yesterday I found myself flipping through a copy of Pregnancy magazine.

While it is fair to say this periodical is not in my typical reading repertoire, I did see an article that caught my steady-state-oriented mind, “How many activity mats does a baby really need?” by Pamela Paul. In a magazine with pages of ads and articles mostly written about what to buy, it was relieving to see an attempt to tell you not to buy.

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