Addressing Global Climate Change

Cut The Emission Before They Cut Us
Cut The Emission Before They Cut Us

It is no longer a matter of saving the planet, but a matter of saving the human race. We are just a blink in the eye of a spec of a bit of dust in the history of our planet. When we are long gone, it will remain. The ecosystems on our planet have evolved to support our life. We have evolved the ability to destroy those ecosystems. Problem? Only if you want food, water, and oxygen. Without the support of our environment we will die.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again:

Since the industrialization of our society we have begun to cause irreversible damage to this system that sustains our life. We cannot destroy the earth, but we can destroy it’s ability to sustain our own lives. If we continue to destroy the environment causing our extinction, the planet will eventually regenerate – without us. So are we really saving the planet, or saving ourselves?

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