Steady State Economy: The Revolution Starts Now

The Social Revolution Starts Now!
The Social Revolution Starts Now!

I have been trying to present simple, logical discussions showcasing why our growth economy cannot be sustained. So far we’ve discussed the principles of the steady state economy, ranging from sustainable scale to fair distribution to global climate change to population stability.

Our addiction to growth is pushing forward global climate change and making scarce resources even scarcer. Meanwhile, our economy is in dire conditions. While our governments are trying to bailout the failed system, the people are suffering. Fat-cats are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer. Control of our money and banking is in private hands, perpetuating the very growth that is hurting us.

Looking Toward The Future

This is the 50th post of my investigation into ecological economics and the steady state economy.  So far we have set up the ground work, why we need a steady state economy and what is wrong with our current system. There is still more work to be done in this arena, but I would like to start looking more towards the future.

In the next 50 posts (and beyond) I will be presenting more conversations of what we can do to push the revolution and what it will look like once we succeed. How do you invest? What is your retirement like? How do we develop in our personal lives and careers without growth? What is our work life entail? What do we have to sacrifice, if anything, in our standards of living order to achieve a sustainable economy?

These are all very relevant questions that I believe have not been answered in much of the prominent ecological economics publications and discussions. There will still need to be discussion on the current issues, and motivation for changing our failed system to a sustainable one, but now is also the time for some serious talk about life on the other side.

Steady State Blog

Recently I have been working with the great people at CASSE to update their blog and start contributing to it as well! Check out their new blog look (designed by yours truly) and read my posts there. From now on I will be syndicating selected posts from this blog on the CASSE Steady State Blog.

Start A Social Revolution!

This is an amazing moment in the history of our world. We are faced with so many problems, most of which can be tracked back to an economic view of the world that is ill-equipped to deal with ecological limits. The neoclassical paradigm is reaching an end, whether we create that end by shifting to a sustainable economy or allow the growth machine to kill itself (and most of us) is up to the people.

Rise, world citizens! Rise against the conventional! It is your duty to your future and your obligation to any possible future generations! They will not live if we do not steer the world back to a realistic, sustainable model. Go forth! Kick It Over!

2 thoughts on “Steady State Economy: The Revolution Starts Now”

  1. I’m down for it!

    Really like the approach of exploring the “nuts and bolts” details of what embracing a steady state economy would mean in concrete terms ans actions for real people.

    Got a little fiery at the end for me though. As per Lennon’s Revolution “but if ur talkin bout destruction, don’t u know that u can count me out”. I personally hope for an emergent paradigm shift, where the old pro-growth, globalization, consumerist model will be subsumed at all scales of action and jurisdiction. A ‘velvet revolution’.

    Peace, cheers, and keep up the great blogging!

  2. Thanks, yea I can get fired up. I by no means advocate violence or a revolution by arms – but a social revolution. We need to get a fired up, do some non-violent protests, marches, et cetera – make a scene.

    I definitely see that the alternative could potentionally lead to some very bad things – but I have eternal hope that mankind will right itself. We just need to get busy with it already! 🙂

    Thanks for the kind words! Keep on fighting! (non-violently)

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