New Theme (Mostly)

You might not notice much of a difference, but Steady State Revolution is now running the highly customizable Thesis theme. We’ve been working on using it over at Post Growth and I thought this blog could use some revitalization as well. So, I’ve set up Thesis to look pretty close to my original theme. In the transition, though, please let me know if you notice anything odd or non-functioning. Most of the improvements are on the back-end of the site, but the front-end has some minor changes as well.

Also, I’m looking for some help on the graphic design and a more thorough site overall. I will always love my home-made header and theme – I love the current look, but I feel that we might need a change soon and would love to have an even slicker look to the site. I’m pretty good at the code-side, but if you have any experience of know of any good leads on (free/barter/trade) graphic design and want to help out, please let me know.

Meanwhile… back to the writing/tweeting board. Hope you are all well!