Information Deformation

by Joshua on March 30, 2009 ยท 2 comments

The US has Twice as many shopping centers as high schools

A blog that I frequent, Make Wealth History, posted this video and I feel that I must post it as well. We live in a society full of information that produces little knowledge. Why? Because we are inundated with advertisement, spin, and false information.

Media is yet a another part of our society that should be independent and not influenced by a need for profit. However we allow a few giant, greedy companies to tell us the “truth.” What we are told is only what will sell, not necessarily the whole story or the truth. There are good sources of information out there, go look for them! Watch this and think about it…

Thanks Jeremy for posting this video! Keep up the good work!

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Jeremy March 31, 2009 at 00:58

Hey, thanks for the link. Have you seen the new report from the Sustainable Development Commission? It’s called ‘Prosperity Without Growth’ and it looks excellent.

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Joshua March 31, 2009 at 04:29

Yea, thanks for posting a link to it! I will likely be referencing it soon, good stuff!

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