Eco-Friendly & Green Web Hosting

An Ecologically Responsible Host

After thorough investigation, Steady State Revolution has found a new, ecologically responsible home! Previously this blog was hosted on servers that were far-removed to my morals (unknown to me at the time of purchase and proof that you should always do your research!). We’ve moved to a carbon neutral web host that supports non-profits: Acorn Hosting.

So, if you’ve noticed any outages today, it was just the side effects of our transition. We’re back in business now!

There are lots of other options out there for the eco-minded webmaster, though. Treehugger has a list of green web hosts, and many of them are good choices. I went with Acorn for the combination of green energy (which supports a sustainable way of life), great options (unlimited databases, for instance), and competitive prices (a lighter weighted factor, but a factor nonetheless).

Not only is Acorn powered by renewable energy, but is women owned and gives discounted rates to non-profits. All around, I can sleep better at night now.