350 or Bust!

Today is a Global Day of Action on Climate Change. Today we make a stand and show our governments that we want strong, binding, decisive climate action at Copenhagen in December. Today I am taking the second day of testing for my professional engineering license (not easy stuff, nor much fun), so my 350 action was limited to: (1) wearing a 350 T-Shirt to the exam, (2) putting 350 bumper stickers in public places, and (3) posting here. All three are now accomplished!

Here is a short video from 350.org about our need for climate change policy now:

I wish the timing was better for me, as I would have much rather been in a larger form of activism today instead of taking an 8-hour exam. I hope you are getting involved in this movement of civil disobedience, activism, and political change!

Join me at www.350.org

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