350 or Bust!

Today is a Global Day of Action on Climate Change. Today we make a stand and show our governments that we want strong, binding, decisive climate action at Copenhagen in December. Today I am taking the second day of testing for my professional engineering license (not easy stuff, nor much fun), so my 350 action was limited to: (1) wearing a 350 T-Shirt to the exam, (2) putting 350 bumper stickers in public places, and (3) posting here. All three are now accomplished!

Here is a short video from 350.org about our need for climate change policy now:

I wish the timing was better for me, as I would have much rather been in a larger form of activism today instead of taking an 8-hour exam. I hope you are getting involved in this movement of civil disobedience, activism, and political change!

Join me at www.350.org

Countdown to Day of Action

There are two days left until October 24th – the Day of Action. We must stand united to show world leaders that we, the people of this planet, will no longer wait for change – Copenhagen must bring it! I will be taking my civil engineering professional license exam on the Day of Action, unfortunately. I will be wearing a 350.org t-shirt and posting here, but I will be unable to join in the activism on the actual day.

I ask that you step up where I cannot and join an action near you!

Neoliberalism as a Waterballoon

You too can try this experiment in your house with some simple materials! This is a great short and informative video about neoliberalism, the economic thought that has been triumphed for awhile, that encourages more private economic control instead of public. Of course, we might point out that the economic system is not sustainable – neither ecologically or financially.  Enjoy this video:

Copenhagen: Some Assembly Required

Copenhagen Needs Some Help
Copenhagen Needs Some Help

The countdown is on with now just under 55 days until the much anxiously awaited Copenhagen Climate Conference where world leaders (we hope it’s the leaders, not delegates) will work on drafting a follow-up to the Kyoto Protocol that expires in 2012 (and a serious agreement is needed).

Nations know that there is no excuse for waiting, binding action must be taken at Copenhagen. Not only to maintain a decent standard of living and healthy planet for ourselves, but for our children. However, in order to realize this green dream we must recognize the inherent problems with our current system. Otherwise, we will continue to feed the growth machine without making ourselves happier and while making the world worse for our children.

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A Steady Stater Dinner

A Great, Sustainable Meal
A Great, Sustainable Meal

I’m approaching another year older (hopefully wiser) and was taken out to a surprise location for dinner by my partner. She did her research and found a great place near us that represents what I envision life in a steady state economy to be like: focused more on the local economy, a greater sense of community, and more time to enjoy living our lives with less of an impact on the environment.

Sutra is a vegetarian restaurant in the Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle, nestled amongst the many former-homes-turned-businesses along 45th street. A beautiful, intimate space awaits up to 35 guests for a dinner seating serving four community-style courses. Seasonal food from Forged and Found Edibles, Full Circle Farm, and other local food suppliers are masterfully combined into delicious meals.

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Impacted by No Impact

Impactful Climate Action
Impact Climate Action

We’ve been in the process of moving and I have also ramped up my studying for the professional engineers exam (taking in 3 weeks), so the posting will be a little light for the next few weeks. We did manage to break away last Friday to see Colin Beavan’s book signing at our local bookstore. It was quite illuminating, here are my thoughts on his book No Impact Man.

It is pretty easy to fall into habits that we know are bad – but we do them anyway. Maybe yours is coffee or alcohol or TV. It doesn’t really matter, in the end these things provide escape from “the daily grind” or the all-consuming weight of things (e.g., “real life”). What happens when our life becomes just the means of escape? When do we stop to face it and all the questions it has for us?

When the end comes and the final breathe leaves my lips I hope my last thought is not about stuff I wish I had in my life. When I make that final thought I hope it’s not a worry that I could have gotten a better score on a video game. I hope my last thought is of the life I lived, the love I was blessed with, and the difference I made for the better in the world.

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