The New Economy Starts Here

“As challenging as the economic meltdown may be, it buys time to build a new economy that serves life rather than money. It lays bare the fact that the existing financial system has brought our way of life and the natural systems on which we depend to the brink of collapse. This wake-up call is inspiring unprecedented numbers of people to take action to bring forth the culture and institutions of a new economy that can serve us and sustain our living planet for generations into the future.”

– David Korten, “The New Economy,” Yes! Magazine, Summer 2009

The Summer 2009 issue of Yes! Magazine makes me want to buy gift subscriptions for everyone I know – this entire issue is devoted to the “new economy.” The new economy is a sustainable one, with ideals outlined very similar to a steady state economy. There are some amazing facts, well displayed in graphics and well written in articles, about how our modern economy functions (destructively) and how the new economy will work (progressively).

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Bike to Work: Save The Planet

May is the official Bike to Work Month. Here in Seattle the Cascade Bike Club, in partnership with Group Health and a few other organizations, sponsor the Bike to Work Challenge. I have been riding into work as often as my legs and weather allow (it’s been especially rainy this May, thank you Global Warming!).

It seems obvious that biking to work is a great way to stay in shape, as well as reduce your carbon footprint. Half way through this month the Group Health Bike to Work Challenge participants have already racked up nearly 600,000 miles on their peddles! That’s the equivalent to saving roughly 300 tons of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere due to car commuting!

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Steady State Democracy

Sustainable Government
Sustainable Government

I have been talking about the politics of our current system lately and how policy makers fails to see the problem with growth. But, can we create a just government that supports a sustainable, steady state economy? What does that mean for democracy if we change our economy model?

Read up on the democracies that inspired our founder’s and you will see a strong connection to steady state principals.  True democracies are governments run by the people, either by elected officials (representative government like the US) or through direct participation (similar to ancient Greece and most tribal democracies). A steady state economy is one that supports local communities and accounts for  the people and the planet instead of just profit. Together, democracy and a steady state economy work very well together.

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Eco-Friendly & Green Web Hosting

An Ecologically Responsible Host

After thorough investigation, Steady State Revolution has found a new, ecologically responsible home! Previously this blog was hosted on servers that were far-removed to my morals (unknown to me at the time of purchase and proof that you should always do your research!). We’ve moved to a carbon neutral web host that supports non-profits: Acorn Hosting.

So, if you’ve noticed any outages today, it was just the side effects of our transition. We’re back in business now!

There are lots of other options out there for the eco-minded webmaster, though. Treehugger has a list of green web hosts, and many of them are good choices. I went with Acorn for the combination of green energy (which supports a sustainable way of life), great options (unlimited databases, for instance), and competitive prices (a lighter weighted factor, but a factor nonetheless).

Not only is Acorn powered by renewable energy, but is women owned and gives discounted rates to non-profits. All around, I can sleep better at night now.

Financial Policy the Definition of Insanity

Abandon Ship!
Abandon Ship!

The old saying goes that the definition of insanity is “doing the same thing again and again expecting different results.” There is talk now of more money needed to keep the big banks afloat. It has become apparent that Bank of America “needs” billions of dollars more (roughly $34 billion, with a B). If it didn’t work the first time, why should it now?

As we shake our heads in disbelief from that news, I should also mention the updated regarding the audacious bonuses that insurance giant AIG paid out after the government bailouts. Turns out AIG’s estimates of the bonuses paid were off by a littleby a factor of FOUR!!!

The total number is believe the be around $450 million in bonuses, given (for incredibly poor behavior) as “retention bonuses.” Seems to me their employees are not going to find jobs elsewhere, so a retention bonus is superfluous at best and deceptive at worst. That is nearly half a billion in taxpayer money given to greedy CEOs already worth more than the average American will make in their lifetime.

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Sustainable Economics Blogs

Green Blogs

Green Blogs

Here are a few new blogs I’ve found that I want to make aware to you. These blogs all deal in roughly the same area: steady state, or sustainable, economics. They show the growing undercurrent of desire for a sustainable economic that is rushing towards the surface.

  • Shift Happens – From the mission statement: “‘Shift Happens’ will inspire readers by informing them on current economic and political trends by informing the readers on the paradigm shift towards a more sustainable future.”
  • Gaian Economics – Writing to empower you to become part of the economic discussion, because “All other green campaigns become futile without tackling the economic system and its ideological defenders. “
  • No Impact Man > Sustainable Economics – No Impact Man’s sustainable economics section, he’s got lots of good posts.
  • Share the World’s Resources – “STWR advocates for essential resources such as food, water and energy to be shared internationally under the agency of the United Nations.”
  • USSEE Blog – Then United States Society for Ecological Economics blog
  • The Inspired Economist – A forum for the “New Economy” focused on the triple bottom line – people, planet and profit.
  • CASSE BlogThe Center for the Advancement of the Steady State economy is the source for steady state information online. See also their news section for more updates.

If you see something missing from the blogosphere and/or want to help spread the word on this subject – create your own blog! WordPress is what I use and it is a great, free way to blog.