Presidential Address We’d Like to Hear

President Obama
Obama Speaks, We Listen

In an era of economic decline often compared to the great depression, it is hopeful to hear others thinking that the problem may not be bad securities, defaulting mortgages, and predatory lenders. Perhaps the problem lies in the system itself:

“The failure can be traced directly to an ideology that says if government favors the financial interests of the rich, disregarding all else, everyone will benefit and the nation will prosper. A 30-year experiment with trickle-down economics that favored the interests of Wall Street speculators over the hard-working people and businesses of Main Street proved not to work. We now live with the devastating consequences.”

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Federal Reserve Transparency

The Fed is the Problem
The Fed is the Problem

The U.S. Federal Reserve is our nation’s bank, created at the beginning of the last century (big thanks to President Wilson) to centralize our banking system and stabilize our currency. It is quasi-public, having both private corporations and public agencies with controlling interest.

“The Fed,” as they call it on the street, controls our money, interest rates, “supervises” banking institutions, and has other means to inflict chaos into our economy. Despite being a blend of private and public the Fed keeps its business behind locked doors. It is hard for a government by the people, for the people to have a functioning banking system if they have no control or oversight of it. We should do something about it!

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Earth Demands Steady State Economy

Earth Day
Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! Today is about bringing awareness to others about the negative impacts humans have on our environment. This is the very same environment that gives us air to breath, water to drink and food to eat. This environment sustains human life and, therefore, is just as valuable as human life because of it.

A leading cause in our society to allow destruction of our environment is growth. We will do anything to feed that monkey, even if it costs us our forests, rivers, food-producing soils, and fresh air. So long as the economy is growing, we are okay with this destruction (there are some exceptions). This is one major reason why we must stop our addiction to growth and turn to a steady state economy.

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Incentives for Healthy, Eco-Friendly Remodels

Richard Moyle, with the Mesothelioma Cancer Resource Center recently inquired about posting an article on this blog in relation to the new tax incentives that have been placed into law to “jump start” our economy. Of course, we don’t need a jump start – we need a whole different engine.

We need an economy that runs not on some insatiable growth-hungry, greedy engine, but a sustainable, development-centered engine. That being said, I agree with Richard on the need to inform people about the risks of Asbestos when remodeling your home. I am also pleased that our government is giving incentives to make our homes greener. And since I am currently studying to take my LEED AP Exam (hence the thin number of posts this week), this is relevant to my present state of mind.

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Do The Ends Justify the Means?

Growth is a tool, to be used to satisfy some need. What do we need it for now?

I recently had a conversation with Rob Dietz, Executive Director of the Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy (CASSE) that sparked some thoughts. A little background about me is needed first, though.

After growing up in small town suburbia and graduating from high school I went off to college. This is the standard model in America – “Go forth, get a degree, get a high paying job, become happy!” I was sold on the Dream that all I had to do was go to college, get a job and the world would be my ouster. All I had to do was work hard and be rewarded.

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Return to Community Through Local Food

Spring Blooms At UW
Spring Blooms At UW

Spring is in the air! For us Seattleites, spring is not exactly like the season seen in movies or television. Spring in Seattle is like a bipolar transition between seasons: Mother Nature changes her mind frequently and without warning until May or June when the weather finally evens out to the best-kept Seattle secret: 3 to 4 months of glorious sun-filled summer days.

Spring brings with it new growth, beautiful blooms, and the chance to connect with the outdoors again. As all the hermits and season-affective-disorder sufferers creep out of their caves, from the winter rises a chance to renew the bond with community.

A great source of connection in communities is through food. It is over meals that deals are made, laughs are had, and romances flourish. So much of our lives are involved with food, yet it is something many fail to think too much about. We can create and nourish relationships with our planet and our community through food: growing it, buying it and eating it

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