100 Posts & Beyond

This post marks 100 posts on this blog, spanning one-and-a-half years of exploration into the steady state economy and ecological economics. I have been working steadily on a few drafts (I always have drafts, it seems) that I wanted to use for this post. However, I think this is a good opportunity for feedback from you!

It is my goal to keep up the quality of content and a steady frequency of posts to provide you, my readers, with relevant information about the concepts, news, and campaigns behind creating a more sustainable society. I have received more feedback lately via email and the blog is gaining momentum in terms of subscribers. As such, I want to utilize this moment for feedback from you!

Please, take a quick minute or two and fill out this 8 question reader survey. It is short, hopefully poignant, and will help me connect on a deeper level with my trusted readership. I take time out of ever day to work on this blog to help further dialog on this topic and keep you in the loop Рit will go a long way to help me do that well if you take a minute or two to fill out this survey. Results to be posted soon! Thank you, everyone, for your support and readership!

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If you like this blog and want to see more in this realm check out my other project, Post Growth, a collaborative exploration of a post growth society with a few other steady state bloggers!

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